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"A big thank you to Chris - passed my test first time, woohoo!! Had a couple of bad lessons closer to the test but Chris’ patience and understanding got me back on track. Thanks Chris, best driving instructor I’ve ever had!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Chris. I feel as though I have learnt a lot through them. I would recommend anyone looking to take driving lessons to do them with Chris as he takes the time to understand your needs as a learner"

Chris is an amazing driving instructor, very relaxed and extremely helpful, I was a complete beginner and from the very first lesson until the last, Chris has been nothing but supportive and gone out of his way to make me feel more comfortable in everything that I was doing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a nice atmosphere where you can learn at your own pace, i cant thank him enough for everything he has done these past few months and its all thanks to him that I have passed!

"Chris was a very patient and tolerant driving instructor. Even when I lost confidence in myself, Chris still had faith in me!! Could not ask for a better driving instructor, very down to Earth and lovely to drive with, many thanks Chris you were great!!:)"

"Recommended by my cousins, very glad they recommended me aswell, he is an amazing instructor and a great person all in all. He teached me from scratch as I didnt know anything about cars, and he was very patient and kind with me. He helped me out a lot with my driving, and when i failed first time he took me out to show me what i had got wrong and it didnt cost a penny! He is a very genuine person and a lovely person to talk to. I would recommend to any new drivers to do there driving lessons with him. Thank you very much chris for everything you have done for me!"

"Recommended by my mates, I started my lessons with Chris and I wasn´t disappointed, he´s an amazing instructor and easy to get along with! He has guided me and helped me become a much better and safer driver! I wouldn´t have passed without his help, seriously recommend for anybody that wants to start driving and isn´t sure who to go with!

Can´t thank you enough Chris!"

Well what can I say I passed my driving first time and it´s all because of this man, Chris knibbs did an amazing job teaching me I would highly recommend him to anyone the time and effort he put in to help me was nxt to nothing. I got in contact with Chris after finishing a very lengthy driving disqualification which obviously I had bad habits Chris helped me so much to shrug them bad habits off and it worked I honestly cant thank and praise Chris knibbs enough for how much he has helped me not only is he very good at his job but he´s always got a smile on his face which always helps. Honestly thank you Chris knibbs from the bottom of my heart!

Passed on 11 May 2017

"Great instructor, very knowledgable and easy to get along with. Doesn´t just teach you how to pass your test but how to stay safe on the road after you´ve passed your test. Highly recommend

"Chris went out of his way to fit Lucy in for driving lessons, he was so kind, thoughtful and patient. She passed first time. We will definitely use him again for our other children, can´t recommend him enough.

Lucy mums Facebook Review

"Chris was an excellent instructor, helped me overcome my nerves and taught me to be confident. Would recommend him to anyone, brilliant instructor, Thankyou Chris I appreciate all your help so much"

"As a more mature student I can´t thank Chris enough! I was a nervous wreck climbing behind the wheel a few months ago.

Chris was patient with me throughout everything, correcting me and praising me every step of the way.

I managed to pass first time today, never in a million years did I think I could, or would!

He is highly sought after and has a fantastic reputation, which is well deserved, again Chris thank you so much. I can´t tell you how truly grateful I am xXx

"I can´t thank Chris enough for his patience and reassurance with my son. He passed first time and before learning with Chris he´d never even sat behind a steering wheel. He allowed Graham to take one step at a time and got to know how he learnt best. Got to say he´s the best and one of a kind.

Thank you Chris xx

Facebook Review 5 July 2016

"Chris is a fantastic driving instructor. I passed my test first time nearly 2 weeks ago. He´s so patient and positive in teaching me how to be a confident driver. He takes time to discuss the lesson through areas that were good and those that need working on. Throughout my time learning with Chris he has helped me massively and I couldn´t recommend him more for a driving instructor. Thank you for all your help Chris :) "

Facebook review 5 July 2016

"Chris is an excellent instructor, always really patient and really helped build my confidence up, I would highly recommend him to anyone"

Facebook review 3 July 2016

"I am thrilled to have past my test first time and it wouldn´t have been possible without a great instructor. Chris is an excellent instructor and he has been very patient with me throughout my lessons. He understands my weak points in driving and has helped me improve them which built up my confidence. he´s also reminded to stay positive and taught me a lot of how to be a safe driver. I would definitely recommend Chris Knibbs Driving School to anyone. Thank you so much Chris...much appreciated.

I passed my test 18 months ago and have just got a car 2 weeks ago. The brilliant teaching from Chris meant that I have had no problems getting back into driving and I am confident driving in the busy Leicester city centre and even on the motorway now! This has all been made possible by the teaching and experience Chris gave me during my lessons! Very grateful :)

Facebook review 20 April 2016

"Chris has been patient with me from the start, he always provided help and support where I needed it and he was a pleasure to learn to drive from. He has helped me improve my confidence with driving and it has shown, especially today as it helped me to pass my test today. I would recommend Chris to anyone wanting to learn to drive and urge them to do so as they will enjoy the experience and have a great time as well"

"Can´t thank Chris enough, built my confidence up, was vey patient! an excellent instructor would recommend him to anyone! Couldn´t of passed without his help"

"Chris was recommended to me, and since that first lesson to passing my test he has helped me no end with my confidence in driving. And he had amazing patience with my parallel parking!"

"Amazing teaching, great experience and would definitely recommend it to other learners"

***Unfortunately Pedro had to move away before we could finish all his lessons with me and he left a review on my Facebook page***

"Absolutely brilliant instructor, patient and makes learning to drive easy!! I would recommend Chris to everyone!! Thank you for your perseverance and for being a fab instructor!!"

"Chris is by far the best instructor around, professional & extremely easy to get on with. I couldn´t thank him enough for helping me get my pink licence. I highly recommend him to any new drivers. Thanks a lot!!"

"Absolutely fantastic instructor, I would highly recommend Chris to anyone without a doubt! Thank you for helping me along the way!"

Chris is without a doubt the best driving instructor in the Peterborough area and I could not recommend him highly enough. He makes you feel extremely comfortable and is an all round nice man. If I could give 6 stars I would!!! (Facebook review)

"would highly recommend Chris any day! Really boosted my confidence to pass"

"An absolutely cracking instructor would recommend to anyone, with Chris my confidence on the road rocketed, can´t thank you enough Chris!"

"Can not recommend Chris enough. He is a fantastic driving instructor and without his skill,patience and reassurance I wouldn´t have had the confidence I now have thus helping me in passing my test 1st time. Thank you so much Chris"

"Absolutely fantastic driving instructor. I passed over 2 years ago and ever since passing my test I have absolutely loved driving. I felt very nervous behind the wheel when I first started learning and now I have a lot of confidence behind the wheel. Chris definitely taught me to drive safely rather than how to just pass a test. Even now when I´m driving I still use Chris´ words of wisdom and hints and tricks in driving. Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone"

"After having lessons with another instructor I decided to have lessons with Chris after a recommendation. I have been very pleased with all my lessons and made great progress with him, I passed my test first time today and would recommend him to any new drivers!"

"Thanks to Chris and his awesome teaching, I was able to pass first time! He made sure I learned all the necessary skills in my own time and never tried to rush me or put me out of my comfort zone, giving me the confidence to be a good and safe road user. I can´t thank him enough!!"

"Chris is a fantastic driving instructor!! I would recommend anyone wanting to take lessons to go with Chris! Very patient and understanding. Chris made me feel so much more confident with my lessons and driving, after another instructor. Great instructor very friendly felt at ease driving with Chris...Thank you for helping me learn to drive and pass!!! thank you xxx"

"A brilliant driving instructor! Had my first lesson with him after moving from a different location where I had been taught by a different instructor around a year before. Although I was nervous about driving on new roads after a year of no driving, Chris made sure that I didn´t worry and he always made sure that I learnt at my own pace. Wish I could´ve passed with you before I moved again; I´ll let you know when I do! Thank you Chris for all of your help!:)"

****Grace had to move on before we could finish off her driving with me and this is a review she had put on my facebook page****

"Chris Knibbs is an excellent driving instructor. He encouraged me to drive with my own agenda which helped make me feel like an individual. I had tried a couple of instructors before finding Chris and he helped me "iron out" a few bad habits that I picked up which affected my confidence. Chris was very determined to make the lessons a positive challenge and did not rush through like previous experience. Chris is very passionate about all aspects driving providing expert explanation to becoming a safe driver. Chris is very encouraging and was available on the phone and made time to talk after lessons.

Chris is very observant of learning needs, he listened to my individual requirements and helped me with my goals by applying an effective strategy, I found this personalised learning experience to be highly effective. Overall I feel Chris went above and beyond to help me achieve my driving goals and I would highly recommend him to anyone with doubts in driving ability.

I have gone from dreading driving to becoming a driving addict, since passing I am really enjoying the ride and my skill has improved so I am able to review and progress independently"

"thank you Chris, brilliant instructor and I enjoyed every lesson. the confidence you gave me and your enthusiastic teaching enabled me to pass first time. I never felt out of my comfort zone when driving with you.

Thank you again"

"Absolutely fantastic driving instructor, Chris is very patient and puts you at ease. Would highly recommend him to anyone as he makes you feel welcome"

"Chris is a brilliant instructor. Very patient and understanding, would recommend to all those that want to learn :)"

"After having a bad experience from another driving instructor, Chris had a very good way of explaining everything and it helped me be more confident with my driving. I would fully recommend him!"

"Absolutely fantastic driving instructor. Was heavily pregnant when I did my test and he made sure I passed just in time for my little one to arrive and I did passed 1st time. Very highly recommend Chris. I´m not a very confident person but Chris made me feel confident !. Has such a good patience too because I´m terrible for listening ha ha thank you Chris fantastic driving instructor"

"With a previous bad experience with another driving instructor Chris well and truly got me back on track, Chris made me gain confidence in my driving and the progress I made from my first lesson was great. I would recommend Chris to anyone learning to drive as I was able to pass my driving test first time!"

"Brilliant instructor, had a few who let me down before but not Chris!! Reliable, easy too get on with and great teacher, Passed first time with one minor enough said! cheers Chris!"

"Chris was a fantastic instructor. When I came to him I´d already failed twice with another instructor and was prone to panicking a lot whilst we were driving. Chris was always very calm and never got annoyed or stressed with me no matter how much I flapped. The techniques he taught me to chill me out whilst driving were definitely a massive part of why I passed and I´d happily recommend him to anyone"

"Chris is a fantastic instructor :) 100% recommend to anybody! Had other driving instructors in the past. Chris was by far the best one thanks Chris for all your hard work and for getting me to pass my test!! :)"

"Not a clue how to drive before starting but Chris was very calm and patient. I felt very comfortable and quickly picked it up, then passing first time when I took my test and I highly recommend him to anyone, top driving instructor and very friendly!"

"I had previous lessons with another instructor for what felt like a lifetime! Only a few lessons with Chris and I passed with 3 minors! Very patient instructor and goes above and beyond to help. Passed nearly 2 years ago and still helps me. Now consider him a friend! HIGHLY recommend :)"

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